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Why Photography is Important?

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I started taking photography more seriously a little over two years ago and my life as changed ever since. Photography is important because it allows people to see the most various pieces of visual information from all around the world and in the most different scenarios and situations. Photography is …

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Beginners Intro to Exposure Bracketing

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Exposure bracketing is a technique and camera feature that allows photographers to expose their photos correctly. I’m going to give you an intro to Exposure Bracketing so that you can add it to your arsenal of knowledge. Bracketing is a technique used by professional photographers that allows them to manipulate …

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Most Expensive Cameras in 2019

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Aren’t you curious to know what are the most expensive cameras on the market? I am and for this reason I made a research and put down a list that I’m sharing with you in this article. In my previous blog post I listed the best cameras under $300 since …