Meet Stefano Caioni,
Founder of Pixinfocus

Hey there, welcome to Pixinfocus.

My name is Stefano and I’ve been photographing since I was a kid.

During the last seven years, photography has been for me a way to escape the daily routine and live new adventures around the world.
I’ve traveled to many countries and collected countless images of otherworldly landscapes and unforgettable moments.
My favorite photography destinations so far are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Italy.

You can also find my contact details here

About Pixinfocus

Pixinfocus is the new online destination for photographers of all levels.

From beginners to professionals, if you want to read, discuss and learn more about photography you are in the right place.

On Pixinfocus, you’ll find photography tutorials, gear reviews, best tips and tricks, and ultimate photography guides.

Some of the best content on Pixinfocus:

A bit of History

I started writing about photography in early 2018 when I build my own blog as a side project (I’m also a Web Developer).

Things have changed quite a lot since the first version of my website!

Despite many errors and the limited amount of time I was able to dedicate to my project back then, Pixinfocus is now growing really fast.

Way beyond my expectations! ?

Early this year I redesigned the blog, and now I’m focusing on what matters most: writing about photography tips and tutorials, photo editing and gear reviews.
I have 2 freelance writers and photographers that help me publish around 6 to 8 blog posts a month.

There’s still a huge amount of work to do and I’m pushing really hard to make sure that with Pixinfocus I can help YOU and other photographers to improve your skills and provide the best possible info about camera, lenses, useful photo editing tips, Lightroom presets and inspire as many people as possible to pick a camera for the first time and start shooting.

Our Mission

The mission of Pixinfocus is to share the photography knowledge, inspiration, tips, and ideas with photographers of all levels, to help people that are looking to get started in photography and to those already involved in it.