Pixinfocus is a new online destination for photographers of all levels.

On Pixinfocus, you’ll find photography tutorials, best tips and tricks, gear reviews, and ultimate guides.

The mission of Pixinfocus is sharing knowledge about photography, helping people that are looking to get started in the photographic art or to those already involved in it. 

The content aims at covering topics for all levels of expertise, from beginners to professionals. 

About Stefano Caioni, Founder and Editor of Pixinfocus

Stefano has been photographing since he was a kid.

During the last seven years, photography has been for him a way to escape the daily routine and live new adventures around the world.

He has traveled to many countries and collected countless images of otherworldly landscapes and unforgettable moments.

You can find his work at www.stefanocaioni.com and his Instagram channel @stefanocaioni

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