Best Canon Lens For Landscape Photography

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Looking for the best Canon lens for landscape photography for your camera?

Having a high-quality lens is critical in capturing eye-catching photographs of nature. Depending on the exact type of landscape photography that you will dabble in, different lens options are available. This article will highlight the best Canon lens for landscape photography of all types!

Best Canon Lenses for Landscape Photography

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

  • 1 Super UD and 2 UD Lens Elements For Reduced Aberration
  • Ultrasonic Motor Auto Focus with Full-Time Manual Focus
  • 64-Degrees to 34-Degrees Diagonal Angle of View

This lens is considered to be one of the best all-round offering from Canon owing to its versatility. The focal length is great for focusing on single subjects, and also for wider shots. Throughout the zoom range, the optical quality is superb. The fast aperture also makes it an excellent low light performer.

Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM

  • Weather Sealed Construction
  • 9-Blade Circular Aperture
  • Subwavelength Coating and Air Sphere Coating
  • Ring Type Ultrasonic Motor Auto Focus

The f/2.8 aperture gives an excellent depth of field control and great low light performance. The autofocus is very quick and silent owing to the Ultrasonic motor. The new optical design ensures that it offers superior corner sharpness than the previous version.

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens

  • 1 Super UD and 3 Spherical Lens Elements
  • Ring Type Super Fast and Accurate Auto Focus Motor
  • Dust and Moisture Resistant
  • Optical Image Stabilizer up to 3 stops

The Canon EF 24-105mm lens is a great choice for amateurs and can be used to shoot year-round, without having to opt for anything else. For professionals, the lens offers excellent zoom and sharpness throughout its range. Additionally, the lens is well made and feels solid in the hands.

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens

  • Light and Sturdy Construction
  • Silent and Fast USM Auto Focus
  • Super Spectra Coating

Perfect for crop frame cameras, the Canon EF-S 10-22mm allows for great landscape shots. Image quality is consistently great throughout the zoom range, even at the incredibly wide 10mm end. Moreover, its lightweight design and affordable price make it a great choice!

Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

  • STM for Quiet and Accurate Auto Focus
  • Optical Image Stabilization Built-In
  • 14 Lens Elements in 11 Groups
  • 240g in Weight

Although the Canon 10-18mm has a comparatively smaller range, it is very affordable. This lens is great choice for someone looking to get into landscape photography. The STM autofocus and image stabilizer will help greatly with hand-held shots.

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens

  • Super UD and 3 Aspherical Elements
  • Ring Type Ultrasonic Motor Auto Focus System
  • Weather Resistant Construction

Designed for Canon’s full-frame cameras, this lens also works well with the APS-C cameras while taking the crop factor into account. At lower focal lengths, performance is average. The performance, however, improves greatly as the focal length is increased. The color reproduction and contrast are superb for capturing landscapes requiring a large dynamic range.

Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM Lens

  • Subwavelength Coating and Air Sphere Coating
  • Full-Time Manual Focus
  • High-Speed CPU for Quick Auto Focus

This lens gives an incredible ultra-wide perspective, and is great for landscape photography. The absence of image stabilization is not felt, since you will doing most of your photography at fast shutter speeds. Image sharpness is great throughout its range.

Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L USM Fisheye Lens

  • Ultrasonic Motor for Quiet and Fast Auto Focus
  • 180-Degree Diagonal Angle of View
  • Compatible with Canon APS-C and Full Frame Camera

As the world’s widest fisheye lens, the Canon EF 8-15mm offers a unique 180-degree angle of view. If you can get used to the fisheye effect, you can take spectacular panoramic photographs with this lens!

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM

  • Optical Image Stabilization for 3.5 Stops of Shake Correction
  • Highly Resistant to Dust and Water
  • Air Sphere Coating for Reduced Flare and Ghosting

With a maximum aperture of f/2.8, the lens offers a minimal depth of field that is quite useful in landscape photography. The OIS is great when you’re not using a tripod. IF you like shooting landscapes with scale, then look no further than the Canon EF 70-200mm!

Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM

  • Air Sphere Coating for Reduced Flaring and Ghosting
  • 21 Lens Elements in 16 Groups
  • Maximum Magnification of 0.31x

Despite its incredibly high focal length, this lens is great for isolating parts of landscapes. The lens is very sharp throughout and fairly light for the focal range it offers. The image stabilization up to 4 stops makes it great for long-range shots even in windy conditions.

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Get ready to take your landscape photography to the next level with these incredible range of lens options!

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