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Contax T2 The Most Fashionable Point and Shoot Camera

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The Contax T2 is a very interesting device when it comes to point-and-shoot cameras.

How did this film camera become the most hyped (and expensive) point-and-shoot camera today? The short answer is in this video.

Finding the right camera is without a doubt one of the biggest priorities of every photographer. But if we talk about the Contax T2 we are talking about a device that’s not fo everyone.

This camera falls into the luxury category and despite being released in 1990 this high end camera is still worth buying today.

Watch Kendall Jenner taking a photo of Jimmy Fallon with the Contax T2 in this video.

Spoiler alert: the price is not friendly at all!

In this Contax T2 review, I’m going to look at why this is the best point-and-shoot camera in the market today.

Well, let’s get started….

A Brief History of the Contax T2

Contax T2

The Contax T2, defined by someone the King of point-and-shoot, is the second product from the Contax series of luxury cameras, which are designed for professional photographers as well as serious amateurs.

The camera comes in a wide array of colors, including black, champagne silver, and gold. 

Contax T2

The unit stood out the competition thanks to its multi-coated 38mm f/2.8 Sonar lens and user-friendly controls and settings. It also comes pre-fitted with full automation features, including auto-focus and Program AE mode.

Contax T2: The Most Expensive Point and Shoot Camera.

Contax T2

The Contax T2 was originally targeted at high-end consumers, a fact that has not changed despite the development of modern cameras. Even today, it is still widely regarded as one of the most expensive point-and-shoot cameras in the market. Nevertheless, the renewed interest in film photography over the past few years has greatly catapulted the popularity of this premium compact camera, with many celebrities and professionals showing a preference for it over modern DSLRs. 

Contax T2 Specs

When it comes to buying a point-and-shoot camera, price is without a doubt one of the first things that most photographers look at. This is why a device with a hefty price tag such as the Contax T2 can be easily dismissed. However, this brilliant device comes with a wide range of interesting and very useful features that should intrigue any photographer worth their salt.

Here are some of the features and specifications that make the Contax T2 one of the most sought-after compact cameras in the market today:

Great Lens

Contax T2

The most outstanding feature of the Contax T2 is its powerful Carl Zeiss T multicoated Sonnar f2.8/38mm 5 elements in 4 groups lens, which captures images with astonishing clarity and definition. Thanks to this state-of-the-art optic lens, you can take amazing shots in almost any condition with ease.

Contact T2 Solid Build

Contax T2

The Contax T2 is constructed from high-quality titanium and plastic, which gives it a superior build quality compared to other units in the market. The solid construction of this professional-grade camera makes it capable of withstanding intense shock in case the device is dropped. If your work involves constant movement and on-the-road assignments, you can be sure that the Contax T2 will be able to withstand any occupational hazards that it might be exposed to. 


Contax T2

Despite its solid build and construction, the Contax T2 point-and-shoot camera is compact and lightweight enough to fit in a small pouch or backpack. This makes it a great companion to bring along with you for outdoor shoots in remote locations.


The Contax T2 comes with impressive in-built autofocus (AF) and manual focus(MF) settings that allow you to focus on your subjects with ease. Both AF and MF features range from 0.7 m (minimum) to infinity (maximum) thereby enabling you to capture shots of far-off objects without breaking a sweat. 

In-Built Flash

The Contax T2 compact camera comes equipped with a flash range of 0.7- 3m. This allows you to take great shots in low-lit environments as well as in total darkness. If you are an enthusiast of night photography or astrophotography, you will find this feature to be especially useful. 

Self- Timer

One of the most remarkable features of the Contax T2 compact camera is the electronic self-timer with a 10-second delay. This allows you to time your shots more easily when taking photographs. The self-timer also comes with cancellation settings that provide you with greater control and freedom when shooting. 

Film Loading

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

The point-and-shoot camera comes with film auto-loading capabilities that make the process of setting up very convenient and hassle-free. The auto-loading feature also automatically synchronizes to the first frame once the film has been loaded, thereby saving you time and making the process of shooting more enjoyable.

Some of the other technical specifications of the Contax T2 compact camera include:

  • Shutter Speed: 8 – 1/500s
  • Metering Range: EV 3- 17 (ISO100)
  • Battery: 1*3 V Lithium battery
  • Average weight: 295g
  • Dimensions: 119 * 66 * 33mm
  • Negative size: 24 * 36mm

How did the Contax T2 become so Famous?

The Contax T2 point-and-shoot camera was initially released to cater to the growing market of professional photographers who were looking for a high quality and portable device that can meet their working demands.

Thanks to the resurgence in popularity of this classic point-and-shoot camera, its prices have been steadily increasing in recent years. This is generally attributed to the growing demand by industry professionals and celebrities who see the Contax T2 as the perfect combination of functionality, performance and luxury. 

It was 2017 when supermodel Kendall Jenner took a photo of Jimmy Fallon during The Tonight Show using a Contax T2. Watch the short video.

In the world of photography today, it has become a highly sought-after compact camera, with thousands of professionals vouching for it in their reviews. Now, more than ever before, this brilliantly crafted point-and-shoot camera is highly coveted as the quintessential device for any photographer who is trying to take their career to the next level.

Furthermore, the Contax T2 is not an exclusive must-have gadget for photographers and wealthy celebrities only. In fact, many collectors are willing to part with insane amounts of money just to have one of these outstanding devices in their possession. If this is anything to go by, we can expect the price to rise. This, however, shouldn’t be a problem for those who truly understand the impressive history and spectacular features that the Contax T2 boasts.

My Favorite Video Review of the Contax T2

Should You Get a Contax T2

Point-and-shoot cameras have undergone a very inspiring evolution since they were first introduced in the market many years ago. These compact devices have provided millions of photographers, both amateurs and professionals, with greater flexibility and freedom in the course of executing their work.

However, while numerous exciting brands have emerged over the past few years, the Contax T2 still remains one of the best compact cameras in the world today.

If you are looking to purchase a new point-and-shoot camera you may feel overwhelmed by the hefty price tag of the Contax T2. This is especially true if you are working with a very constrained budget.

Also, remember that the Contax T2 is getting rare. The rights of the Contax T2 belong to Zeiss and at the moment Contax cameras are not in production.

However, if you are looking for a high-performance device, that will provide you with all the functionality that you need, with great quality and super cool then the Contax T2 is certainly worth having in your arsenal.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments below!

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