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Peak Design will produce their first tripod ever. A new super compact and lightweight travel tripod that has already gained massive popularity. They’ve announced it through the launch of a crowdsourcing Kickstarter campaign that at the moment of writing this article has raised over $6M USD of a $500k goal. Quite impressive.

Peak Design travel tripod
Image courtesy of Kickstarter

The 5 sections tripod will be available in aluminum and carbon fibre. It uses the Peak Design’s ball head and when folded it’s a fraction of the size of other tripods 3.125″ (7.9cm) wide 15.5″ (39.4cm) long. Half the volume of a traditional travel tripod as they claim. The main goal is to make a tripod to save wasted space while providing a robust and easy to use tool for travel photographers.

Peak Design travel tripod
Image courtesy of Kickstarter

The Peak Design tripod is designed for maximum ease of use and fast set up on the field, with a fast camera quick-attachment/release that should make attaching your camera a breeze. The quick-release plate is compatible with most Arca-Swiss type plates.

The compact ball-head doesn’t have knobs, so you don’t have to guess which one to turn. A single adjustment ring on the ball-head provides total articulation and with a locking ring built to give high stability and vibration reduction.

Peak Design travel tripod
Image courtesy of Kickstarter

I’m really curious to see what’s capable to doing when it comes to vibration dampening. When fully extended, small tripods lack the stability their “big” brothers have, especially in windy situations. But according to Peak Design’s claim, this tripod is designed to handle pro photography gear, easily handling a full-frame DSLR with heavier lenses. Not bad at all.

smartphone adaptor
Image courtesy of Kickstarter

It’s very versatile and made to support the camera you always have with you, your phone. The secret Arca-compatible cellphone mount is hidden away in the column at the bottom where a hook can be used to weigh down the tripod. The Peak Design Travel Tripod is configurable for low-angle mounting as well as inverted setups.

It’s really promising and I can’t wait to test it, even though I’m a bit disappointed that it has cam-locks for the legs instead of twist-lock. I’m sure the locking levers are easy to open and close, but twist-lock designs always prove to be easier to clean.

The price is toward the upper end of the market though much less expensive than a Gitzo tripod.

What do you think about the new Peak Design Compact Travel Tripod? Will you buy one?

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