EVF – What is a Camera EVF

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EVF or Electronic Viewfinder is a small electronic monitor of about half an inch built at the top of the backside of the camera.

EVF Definition

It comes either as an in-built feature on high-end DSLRs, compact cameras and mirrorless cameras or as a separate accessory that can be mounted on the top of any camera.

It works by allowing you to look into the tiny monitor using the eyepiece and view the entire scene in real-time you want to capture. This scene is projected to the camera sensor by the lens. Many high-quality EVFs offer an incredibly sharp and colourful view that takes photography at another level.

Apart from assisting you to compose the pictures, few EVFs work well as motion blur by directing your camera to the areas where it should focus on. Some electronic viewfinders also work pretty amazingly in low light conditions because they increase the brightness automatically in the dark. Thereby, allowing you to view the entire scene on the monitor.

Benefits Of Camera With an EVF

Accurate Framing

Since an EVF shows you the exact scene captured by the sensor and also the settings, it helps in precise framing. Basically, whatever you see on this electronic display is what you’re going to capture. It helps you to solely focus on framing the shot without moving your eyes away from the camera for checking the settings and framing on the LCD.

Better Performance Under Bright Lights

Due to higher glare, it becomes hard to shoot in bright lights and sun and view the frame on LCD. However, EVF is shaded enough to give a good view of the scene and helps you to compose photos very efficiently under the bright environment.

Suitable For Low Light Conditions

By using a regular viewfinder, it becomes very difficult to shoot in low lights. But, the EVF offers a brighter screen under poor lighting.

This means you can see a much brighter image even though the lighting is dim.

EVF Offers Better Camera Grip

By incorporating an EVF, you will be able to shoot on eye-level which is far better than composing a shot using the LCD monitor. Moreover, you can hold your camera closer to your body that provides a better grip and stabilization. It becomes difficult using the LCD monitor.

Live Display

Evf works as a live display for rendering the images. In absence of it, a camera single-handedly can not show all the brightest and darkest parts of the image. At this juncture, the electronic viewfinder plays a crucial role by showing all the dark as well as brighter areas of an image so you can adjust the composition in a better and efficient way.

Better Shooting Experience

The biggest advantage of EVF, it is extremely continent to use. You don’t have to look for the preview by going back to the LCD every single time. You can have the preview right before your eyes without having to take your face off the camera.

EVF Works as Histogram Display

The preview you see in this viewfinder is reflected via imaging sensor. Therefore, the camera can use this preview to project a histogram of brightness tiers in the image.

It helps in providing the proper exposure to the photograph even in the extreme light conditions.

Works as Focus Distance Display

Focus distance display becomes important at the time of calculating the aperture of the wide landscape. It becomes much easier while using an EVF.

EVF Allows Focus Peeking

Evfs help you to acquire quick and precise critical focus.

No Mirror Assembly Required

Because EVF is a mirrorless display, you are free from the stress of assembling the mirrors. It also saves a lot of time which you can utilize in focusing on the detailing.

Drawbacks of an EVF

Battery Drains Quickly – Because you’re powering a display, the battery drains down very quickly. One and only solution to handle this issue is to keep more batteries handy!

Too Much Brightness – Excessive brightness can irritate your eyes. Keeping your eyes into this tiny display causes blackouts when you look outside it.

Shutter Lags – When you don’t use it with an electronic front curtain, it imposes slightly lengthy shutter lag.

Learn more about EVF here.

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