Famous Landscape Photographers

Famous Landscape Photographers

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Are you looking for inspiration from famous landscape photographers?

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Marco Grassi

Landscape photography is an incredibly popular genre of photography and one of the simpler ones to try. But the art of photography landscapes is not limited to capturing trees, ocean, and mountains. The work of professionals always aims at conveying a message and capturing important aspects of the environment.

If you’re a beginner in the field and in search of ideas, just check out these famous landscape photographers.

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Famous Landscape Photographers

Before we start, a note to the reader. This is not a top ten type of article. The artists listed in this post are some of my favorite photographers and I tried to give you a mix between classic names and young emergents.

If you have a favorite or two that you want me to mention, scroll to the bottom, and leave a comment. I want to keep this list updated.

Let’s get started.

Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna is renowned in the world of photography for his unique black and white landscape photographs.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Michael Kenna

His use of long exposures is unmatched and allows him to create atmospheric shots of desolate locations. Kenna takes inspiration from short Japanese poems called haikus. He primarily focuses on the atmosphere rather than details and shoots in cold weather conditions to enhance the effect. His photos always feel ethereal and have an element of spookiness in them!

Ansel Adams

Often called the king of landscape photography, Ansel Adams specialised in black and white photographs.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Ansel Adams

As an environmentalist, Adams was very passionate about taking breathtaking photographs that showcased natural beauty at its finest. His photos are full of contrast and incredible clarity. His photography and legacy continue to inspire millions of nature photographers across the globe.

Joe Cornish

With over 40 years of experience with a camera, Joe Cornish has inspired many in the world of landscape photography.

famous landscape photographers
© Joe Cornish

Not only a landscape photography expert but also a fine master of printing, his work has been featured in many photography books, and with his team, he runs the Joe Cornish Gallery in the North Yorkshire (UK) where it’s possible to admire Joe’s work as well as work by other photographers and artists.

Benjamin Hardman

One of the youngest on this list but also one of the most interesting for those who admire cold landscapes and Icelandic scenarios. Benjamin Hardman, originally from Australia, moved to Iceland several years ago to capture the essence of the beautiful barren lands of the North.

photo by Benjamin Hardman
© Benjamin Hardman

His iconic minimalist style has gained him massive popularity. Benjamin’s work exposes the vulnerability of the glaciers and his work has been featured in countless magazines.

Marco Grassi

Marco Grassi is an award-winning landscape photographer. He is self-taught and is renowned for his work that has been featured on some of the world’s biggest media outlets, such as CNN, National Geographic, and BBC.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Marco Grassi

Most of Marco’s photography is aimed at capturing and showing the peaceful and dramatic sides of landscapes. His photography is characterized by a high dynamic range. Marco’s use of colors and tones in his photographs is what separates him from others, and is bound to inspire you as well!

Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander is a director and photographer who is best-known for his book, Dust. It features numerous photographs of the desolate Aral Sea and its surrounding landscapes.

Photo by Nadav Kander
© Nadav Kander

The incredible consistency of his photographs in the book is something all photographers must strive for in their work. He gives his photographs a very ghostly appearance, which helps him stand out from other landscape photographers.

Franco Fontana

Franco Fontana is famous for his abstract color landscape photography. A look at any of the photographs will help you understand what this exactly means.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Franco Fontana

Franco captures naturally occurring contrasting colors in his shots. His goal is to make the invisible visible through his art. Franco’s ability to find these seamless abstractions out in nature is what makes him such a brilliant photographer.

Carr Clifton

Carr Clifton is a wilderness and nature photographer who refuses to get comfortable with the status quo. He made use of an unconventional 4 x 5 film camera until recently when he switched over to a digital camera.

Photo by Carr Clifton
© Carr Clifton

His photographs are that of nature at its finest. He strongly believes that regardless of how many times a particular landscape has already been photographed, it is always possible to discover new things about them.

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is known for his photography and film making of untamed landscapes.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Chris Burkard

A fan of extended exposures, Chris wonderfully brings motion to life in his photographs. His surf photography also wonderfully harness natural light, which creates a visually engaging image. As a committed preservationist and explorer, one of his main themes is capturing the relationship between humans and nature.

David Noton

England based, travel and landscape photographer David Noton is famous for his huge body of work, featuring landscape photos from the most beautiful locations in the world.

famous landscape photographers
© David Noton

With over 35 years of experience as a professional photographer, Noton sells fine art and commercial photography. Some of his clients are Canon and Lonely Planet Magazine.

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Max Rive

Max Rive is one of the most popular landscape photographers on Instagram, with millions of followers.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Max Rive

Max’s landscape photographs are stunning and atmospheric, and look like they are out of a fantasy novel or a television series thanks to his brilliant use of photo editing techniques. His photographs are vibrant and colorful, without seeming like they have been photoshopped. His unique post-processing style and natural approach to editing are what make his work so different from others.

Erez Marom

Erez Marom first bought a camera and lens in 2008, after seeing some incredible photographs captured using a DSLR.

photo by Erez Marom
© Erez Marom

His love for travel helped him transition into a landscape photographer. Erez is currently a multiple award-winning photographer, who also enjoys teaching and guiding photographers. He primarily focuses on capturing vibrant and colorful photographs of nature, from interesting perspectives.

Konsta Punkka

Finland based artist, Konsta Punkka aims at capturing intimate photos of wild Nordic animals and obviously breathtaking landscapes.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Konsta Punkka

Speaker and internationally acclaimed landscape photographer he started his career very young when his passion for photography helped him turn his hobby into a profession.

Punkka spends a lot of time traveling around the world for his clients, and he has also worked to share the dramatic effects of climate change on our planet.

Charlie Waite

As one of the legends in the field of landscape photography, Charlie Waite’s unique style is immediately recognizable.

photo by Charlie Waite
© Charlie Waite

Waite originally started in theater and design and began to take landscape photographs after being inspired by theater lighting. His compositions and lighting are unmatched and result in spectacular photos. He currently runs a number of workshops through his travel photography tour company, Light and Land.

Sandra Bartocha

German photographer Sandra Bartocha focuses on abstract landscape photography and her work has won her several international awards and publications. Bartocha is also an author and prolific writer.

From 2007 Editor in chief of the magazine GDT, she doesn’t focus on the general documentation of nature and landscape, but on a personal interpretation of the environment true experimentation with her camera.

Final Notes

Next time you need some landscape photography inspiration, check out the incredible portfolios of these photographers!

Who is your favorite? Do you have more than one? Let me know in the comments below.

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