Famous Landscape Photographers

Famous Landscape Photographers

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Are you looking for some inspiration from famous landscape photographers?

The world around us is full of adventures and opportunities to explore. So many of us have hobbies that we love to indulge in when we are not adulting. Or we wish to live out our dream job in some capacity. We can spend our lives searching for our passion. Life is full of beauty and inspiration that awaits us.

Is your calling to be a photographer? Not only a photographer but a Landscape photographer? Where do you start? How do you start? First thing is first, you have to study and research those who have made photography their dream. Photography is such a work of art. So many photographers have followed their life’s passion. Many photographers are innovators and have paved the way for future photographers.

These celebrated landscape photographers are an inspiration all their own, and they can inspire you.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Marco Grassi

Landscape photography is a popular genre of photography and one of the simplest to try. The art of Landscape photography is not limited. Capturing trees, oceans, and mountains are only a few of the subjects. Professionals aim to tell a story within their photos. Capturing essential aspects of the environment and highlighting them is inspiring.

As a beginner in the field, let’s review a few decorated landscape photographers. These individuals have made a name for themselves. Not only because they are amazing at photography, but because of how unique their photos are. It’s not about being another landscape photographer. It’s about being a diverse landscape photographer. If you wish to make this your profession and build something withstanding, you must stand out.

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Famous Landscape Photographers

Before we start, a note to the reader. This is not a top ten type of article. The famous landscape photographers listed in this post are some of my favorite photographers. I tried to give you a mix between classic names and up-and-coming artists.

If you have a favorite that you want me to mention, scroll to the bottom and leave a comment. Adding to this list provides so much to those that read it. Continuing to update is essential for all.

Now, who is up first?

Michael Kenna

In the world of photography, Michael Kenna is notorious for unique black and white images.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Michael Kenna

Michael was born in 1953 in Widnes, Lancashire, England. He inspires people through his work with formal simplicity in his photos. Michael has always been an artist being and loves to travel.

In 1987, he went to Japan for the first time. The country terrain he fell in love with and since has photographed every inch of the country.

His favorite time of day to photograph is either at dawn or dusk. He has stated ” you can’t always see what’s otherwise noticeable during the day. With long exposures, you can photograph what the human eye is incapable of seeing.”

His use of long exposures is difficult to match. It enables him to create atmospheric shots of desolate locations. Kenna takes inspiration from short Japanese poems called haikus. He focuses on the atmosphere rather than details. Kenna strives to shoot in chilly weather conditions; this enhances the effect. His photos always feel ethereal, with an element of spookiness to them!

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is one of the most famous landscape photographers. His work is well known across the world. He was both an incredible landscape photographer and also an environmentalist. Known as the “king of landscape photography,” Ansel cultivated black and white photos.

He was an American landscape photographer whose images captured the American West. Adams was the founder of the Group f/64, an association of photographers that advocate for “pure” photography. They preferred sharp focus and the use of full tonal range in a photograph.

Adam’s is best known for photographing national parks across the US. Due to his advocacy and environmental conservation, Adam’s was a name stake of his time.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Ansel Adams

His photos are full of contrast and clarity, showcasing his passion for capturing.

His photography and legacy continue to inspire millions, and nature photographers across the globe study his work. His ability to manipulate the subject and create bold, expressive images is fantastic.

Joe Cornish

With over 40 years of experience, Joe Cornish has inspired many. Cornish is best known for his large-format landscapes. He is a British photographer and early on he worked as a photographer’s assistant. Joe then became a freelance assistant and then moved into commercial photography.

famous landscape photographers
© Joe Cornish

Joe was not only a landscape photography expert but also a fine master in print. Over 30 travel books have featured his photos. Visitors admire his work and others’ at the Joe Cornish Gallery in the North Yorkshire (UK), run by Joe. Most of Cornish’s photos are from the British Isles and overseas.

Joe continues to travel all over the world lecturing. Much of his written work appears in an online photography magazine, On Landscape.

Benjamin Hardman

Benjamin is one of the youngest on this list of famous landscape photographers. Even though he is one of the youngest, he’s also one of the most interesting. Benjamin is not only a landscape photographer but also a natural history cinematographer. For those of you who admire cold landscapes and Icelandic scenarios, he is one to study! Born in Australia Benjamin Hardman moved to Iceland several years ago. The essence of the beautiful barren lands of the North captured his eye. It was essential to share this beauty with the world.

Hardman uses social media to display his work and tell his stories of his glacier adventures.

photo by Benjamin Hardman
© Benjamin Hardman

His iconic minimalist style has gained him massive popularity. Countless magazines have featured Benjamin’s work exposing the vulnerability of the glaciers.

Marco Grassi

Marco Grassi is an award-winning landscape photographer. Born in Italy, he is a self-taught photographer. Grassi has gained significant success. Media outlets, such as CNN, National Geographic, and BBC, have featured Grassi’s work.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Marco Grassi

Marco’s photography captures the peaceful and dramatic sides of landscapes. His photography has a vast dynamic range. Marco’s use of colors and tones separates him from others and is bound to inspire you as well!

Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander is a director and photographer who is best known for his book, Dust. It features many photographs of the desolate Aral Sea and its surrounding landscapes.

Kander is a London-based photographer and was born in Israel. At 13, he started taking pictures on a Pentax camera that he bought with his own money. Nadav has an extensive palette in the photography world. He doesn’t shy away from any opportunity to express the power and intimacy a subject has.

Photo by Nadav Kander
© Nadav Kander

The incredible consistency of his photographs is something all photographers strive for. He gives his pictures a very ominous appearance. Doing so helps him stand out from other landscape photographers.

Franco Fontana

Franco Fontana is famous for his abstract color landscape photography. A look at any of the photographs will help you understand what this means.

He started his career in the 1950s. He was a decorator in a furniture showroom. From here, he continued to move up in the photography world. Fontana has photographed for advertising campaigns for brands such as Fiat and Canon. He also has photographed for many magazine publications.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Franco Fontana

Franco captures unique natural occurring, contrasting colors in his shots. His goal is to make the invisible visible through his art, and his ability to find seamless abstractions in nature is amazing. This is one of the skills is that makes him a brilliant photographer.

Carr Clifton

Carr Clifton is a wilderness photographer who doesn’t accept the status quo. He used an unconventional 4 x 5 film camera until recently when he switched over to a digital camera. Carr has spent the better of 35 years documenting and photographing endangered landscapes.

Photo by Carr Clifton
© Carr Clifton

His photographs of nature are some of the world’s finest. Carr believes it’s always possible to discover something new. Any landscape can provide many opportunities to see it in so many different ways. The truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is well known for his photography and filmmaking of untamed landscapes.

Chris travels far and wide to capture some of the Earth’s most incredible landscapes. With his work, he tries to inspire others to consider their relationship with nature. Chris works hard to show the beauty and tranquility in his images to help preserve nature.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Chris Burkard

A master of long exposures, Chris brings motion to life in his photographs. His surf photography harnesses natural light, creating an engaging image. Chris was a committed preservationist and explorer. One of his main focuses was capturing the relationship between humans and nature.

David Noton

David Noton hails from England. Famous for his work featuring landscapes from the world’s most beautiful locations.

famous landscape photographers
© David Noton

David has more than 35 years of experience as a professional photographer. He sells fine art and commercial photos. Some of his clients are Canon and Lonely Planet Magazine.

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Max Rive

Max Rive is one of the most famous landscape photographers on Instagram. He lives by three elements, inspiration, travel, and adventure. Max combines these three things with his love for teaching others all around the world.

One interesting fact about Max is that he likes to travel light. He often uses a compact camera, so he must get creative with his images. He usually takes several shots with overlap and then merges them. Using post-editing software helps with this technique.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Max Rive

Max’s landscape photographs are stunning and atmospheric. His photos look like they are out of a fantasy novel or a television series. Thanks to his clever use of photo editing techniques, his work is one of a kind. Rive’s photographs are vibrant and colorful without seeming photoshopped. His unique post-processing style and natural approach make his work different from others.

Erez Marom

After seeing some incredible images from using a DSLR, Erez Marom bought his first camera in 2008. Erez has always been an artist, encouraged by his parents to pursue anything artist. At first, he experimented with the small world of invertebrates. A couple of years later, he started shooting landscapes. Erez’s obsession took off from there.

photo by Erez Marom
© Erez Marom

This award-winning landscape photographer has a love for travel. He also enjoys teaching and guiding photographers. Erez’s primary focus is on capturing vibrant and colorful photographs of nature.

Konsta Punkka

Konsta is a Finland-based artist. He aims to capture intimate photos of wild Nordic animals in breathtaking landscapes.

Famous Landscape Photographers
© Konsta Punkka

Konsta Punkka started his career at a noticeably young age. His passion for photography is what ended up turning it from a hobby to a profession.

Punkka spends a lot of time traveling around the world for his clients. He has also worked to share the dramatic effects of climate change on our planet. Konsta is so passionate about the intricate world around humans. Wildlife is what he is most curious about and capturing those moments in an untamed space. Inspiring moments like capturing life through the eyes of a fox are what drives Konsta. He shows a different side of life and the world around us all.

Charlie Waite

Charlie Waite is a legend in landscape photography. His unique style is immediately recognizable.

photo by Charlie Waite
© Charlie Waite

Waite first started in theater and design. He began to take landscape photographs after unveiling inspiration from the theater lighting. Charlie’s compositions and lighting are second to none and result in spectacular photos. He currently runs workshops through his travel photography tour company, Light and Land.

Sandra Bartocha

German photographer Sandra Bartocha focuses on abstract landscape photography. As well as being one of the most famous landscape photographers today, Bartocha is also an author and prolific writer, winning several international awards.

Sandra doesn’t focus on the general documentation of nature and landscape. Instead, she looks at the personal interpretation of the environment’s actual experimentation.

Final Notes

There is so much talent in the world. The photographers listed in this article had to work hard to make a name for themselves. Photography can be competitive, but remember, it is not about being the best. Find your niche, be creative, experiment, and explore. Let the world and these famous photographers guide you.

Always remember to have fun with what you’re doing. This aspect shows in your photos. You can be inspiring too!

If you need landscape photography inspiration, check out these photographer portfolios. Who is your favorite? Do you have more than one? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed this article. This blog benefits from a growing readership, so remember to like, comment and share. If you want these stories, tutorials, reviews and more, please share this post on your social channels.

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