Food Photography Backdrops

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Are you on the lookout for some cheap and simple food photography backdrops?

One of the aspects of food photography is using the right backdrop that complements the dish being photographed, while still not taking the focus away from it. Buying pre-made backdrops is ideal, but not really cheap. This article will talk about how you can make some cheap and budget-friendly food photography backdrops.

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What Makes a Perfect Food Photography Backdrop

Texture: Backdrops that have some sort of texture, graining, or interesting elements are great. Too much of texture can take the attention away from your subject. Find the perfect amount that complements your composition.

Color: Using neutral and cool colored backgrounds can make the food come alive. Try to match the color of the backdrop with the story of your composition for that extra oomph!

Size: Having the right sized backdrops is crucial in making a photograph look professional and clean. Something like a 2×3 feet backdrop can work wonders for your food photography.

Best Tips for Choosing Your Food Photography Backdrops

Avoid Bright Colors: The food is the highlight of your photograph. You don’t want a background that is going to distract you from the food. Grey or light toned colors are great since they direct the viewer’s eyes to the item placed in front of them.

Avoid Shiny Materials: Reflective surfaces are always a bad choice. since you are bound to have ugly reflections and bright spots on your photographs. Use backgrounds with a matte finish so that you have a little more leeway with lighting as well.

Use Natural Light: The importance of natural light is often overlooked with food photography. Making good use of natural light saves you a lot of space, effort, as well as equipment. Natural light, however, is inconsistent and is always changing, which makes it difficult. Try to make the best use of it whenever possible. Check more food photography lighting tips. You’ll find amazing solutions in my recent article by clicking this link.

Wood: Wooden backdrops are great since they offer just the right color, texture, and grain. Experiment with different types of wood for different dishes to see what really makes the food pop out on the photo.

Be Creative: Sometime, an unconventional item may prove to be an excellent backdrop. Experiment and don’t limit your options to what you think is only going to work as a backdrop.

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DIY Food Photography Backdrops

Old Sheet Pans

Sheet pans that are distressed and worn out are excellent affordable food backdrops. The more distressed they are, the better a backdrop they will be. Look on eBay and local yard sales to find these. They are great for top-down shots since they offer texture and some much-needed character. You can also prop and use them as background for traditional shots. Metallic sheet pans are cheap to buy and easily available, and offer the perfect backdrop for your next food shoot!

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles can act as excellent food backdrops in a pinch. They are extremely cheap and can be picked up from the nearby home improvement store. They are easy to wipe down and are available in numerous colors and textures, which gives you a lot of flexibility. Matt finished tiles are ideal since there is much less reflection on them. The only drawbacks of ceramic tiles are that they are easy to break, and not great for moving around a lot.

Paper Grocery Bags

Paper bags are another simple and easily obtainable food background. Cut them up in such a way that you can lay them down like a sheet of paper. Their natural color is typically dull and neutral and you can also crumple them if you wish, to add some interesting textures. The best part is that they cost nearly nothing, and are easy to come by.

Craft Paper

Craft paper is the ideal backdrop for food since it is available in numerous colors and textures. If you like adding some complementary colors to your photography, craft paper is a superb option! You can also use craft paper as a background by pinning it on a foam board. If you are careful, you can get multiple uses out of a single piece of chart paper.

Kitchen Cloths

One of the most popular food backdrops is kitchen cloths and linens. They can be laid out as part of a backdrop, or as the sole element. You can use complementing colors and designs to add a memorable touch to your photo. Make sure to choose relatively neutral colored cloths for versatility.

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Before You Go

These food backdrops are all you need for your next food photography project! And if you are looking to buy some backdrops for your next shooting don’t forget to check amazing deals on Amazon clicking here.

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