How to Crop an Image in Photoshop

How to Crop an Image in Photoshop

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Are you looking to understand how to crop an image in Photoshop?

Photoshop allows for a number of interesting adjustments and modifications. One of the most useful modifications that can be made to an image is cropping. Cropping refers to the removal of certain areas of an image that are considered unnecessary.

How to Crop an Image in Photoshop

This can help the viewer focus more on the main subject of the image rather than some obscure background. In some cases, images may be cropped to fit into certain dimensions. This guide will help you understand how to crop an image in Photoshop.

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How to Crop an Image in Photoshop Step by step

Step 1: Load an Image in Photoshop

First up, load the image that you want to crop on your screen.

Step 2: Select Crop Tool

We need the crop tool that is present in the Toolbar. The icon of the crop tool is in the shape of two overlapping L’s. You can also select it by pressing C on your keyboard. A cropping border will be placed around your image. If you have used this crop tool on another image, the border will be set to the older dimensions. You must first reset it to default before going any further.

Step 3: Reset Crop Options

You must first restore the crop tool to its default settings. To do this, either Control-click (on Mac) or right-click (on Windows), on the crop icon in the options bar. A small drop-down will appear. Choose the ‘Reset Tool’ option in this. The aspect ratio will now be rest to just Raio, and the Height and Width fields are left empty.

You will see that the cropping border continues to remain whatever it was previously. Click on Esc on your keyboard to rest the border. If that doesn’t work, select another tool in the Toolbar and then select the crop tool again.

Step 4: Resize Crop border

If you see the cropping border closely, you will find tiny handles. They will be present in each of the corners, as well as the center of each of the 4 edges. You can click and then drag on these handles to resize your image appropriately. Whatever is inside this border will be kept after cropping, while everything else will be cropped out.

Step 5: Move the Image Inside Border

It is also possible to reposition the image itself by clicking and dragging from inside the border. Position the image as you desire.

Step 6: Accept the Changes

Click on the check mark at the top of the screen to accept all the changes made.

How to Crop an Image in Photoshop: Useful Tips

Draw a Custom Crop Border

After selecting the crop tool in the Toolbar, you don’t need to use the crop border that Photoshop places. Just drag across the image to create your own border. Note that you must drag diagonally in order to create a rectangle of that shape. You can then drag the handles to resize and reposition as you wish. The image can also be moved around like before.

Reset/Cancel Crop

You can cancel a crop by choosing the cancel button at the top of the screen. It is in the shape of a circle with a line across it. This will cancel the crop and the image will look as it originally did.

A reset button is also present. It is in the shape of an arrow and is to the left of the cancel button. This will reset whatever you have cropped rather than completely cancelling it.

Lock the Aspect Ratio of Border

Photoshop allows us to resize the border as we wish, without following any aspect ratio. If, however, you want to maintain the aspect ratio of your original image, just press Shift as you drag along any of the handles in the corners. This will ensure that the aspect ratio is locked.

How to Crop an Image in Photoshop: Undo a Crop

Sometimes, you may want to undo a crop and bring an image back to its original size. In such cases, you can just go to edit and select ‘Undo Crop’. Alternatively, you can use the undo shortcut, Ctrl + Z (on Windows) or Cmd + Z (on Mac). You can then use Ctrl + 0 or Cmd + 0 to fit the image to the screen.

Summing Up

With these simple tips and understanding of how cropping works in Photoshop, you can be assured that you can make the perfect crops for your next set of photographs!

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