How to Find the best camera straps

How to Find the Best Camera Strap in 2019

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How to Find the best camera straps

We always talk about what’s the best camera to buy, what’s the best lens, filter or camera bag, with all of the technical considerations, but how to carry your camera if you don’t want to bring your backpack?

Camera straps are very important accessories for your long day shooting. They allow you to use both hands without putting your camera away and protect your gear from accidental drops. Most photographers own more than one strap for any situation. Picking a high quality camera strap that is also functional and why not better looking, can really improve your shooting experience.
Here’s a list of the best camera straps on the market for you:

Before choosing your camera strap, remember to consider the following characteristics: camera strap material, type of attachment, how many camera can the camera strap hold? It’s a neck, wrist or shoulder strap?

RucPac Slide Camera Strap

I’ve recently had the chance to try the Slide camera strap from RucPac. This multi use cross-body, neck and shoulder camera strap is ideal for heavy DSLRs with pro lens. The wide strap helps dispersing the weight of the heavier cameras with pro telephoto lens. Made of reversible seatbelt material on one side and silicon grips on the other, the Slide camera strap comes in four different color combinations, black/black, black/gold, gray/gold and black/gray. I have the black/black color. I’ve used it cross-body to hold my mirrorless camera with a heavy telephoto lens mounted, during a long walk and for several hours. I didn’t have to keep switching the position of the strap from one side of my body to the other.
Key features:
Very comfortable material
Holds all cameras with heavy lens
Great price
Buy the RucPac Slide Camera Strap on Amazon

Leather Presidio Camera Strap From Ona

One of the most comfortable camera straps on the market today. Stylish, sustainable and hand crafted strap from the New York City based Ona, the Leather Presidio Camera Strap is made of premium waxed canvas and leather. It’s not a cheap strap, but the build quality and design are undisputable. The Neoprene-padded neckline maintains its shape thanks to the coating even under temperature fluctuations. This makes it really adapt to outdoors. The Neoprene coating makes it water resistant and this strap can easily hold heavy cameras.
Key features:
Neckline padding in Neoprene
Stylish vintage design
Holds all cameras even very heavy ones
Buy the Leather Presidio Camera Strap From Ona on Amazon

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

The Peak Design Slide is a really versatile camera strap. It’s a seatbelt-style camera strap that can be worn as a sling, neck or shoulder strap. The Slide features the so loved unique (and proprietary) snap-on method by Peak Design. I own this strap and I really like how easy it is to quickly adjust its length and how well it adapts over clothing thanks to a grippy side that prevents slipping when in shoulder mode.
Key features:
Very comfortable thanks to internally-padded webbing
Very versatile thanks to the quick-pull adjusters
Holds all cameras even very heavy ones
Buy the Peak Design Slide Camera Strap on Amazon

Peak Design Cuff Wrist Strap (New Design)

The tiny Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap is a very elegant solution to hold your camera with style. It can be weared as a bracelet, very unobtrusive, it helps protecting your camera from accidental drops with a secure connection typical of Peak Design. It supports light and heavy cameras with the reliable Peak Design connectors of new generation. It comes in two colors and this is probably my next buy. I like the brown one.
Key features:
Can be weared as a bracelet for easy storage
New design with improved padding
Premium nylon webbing material and comes in two colors
Buy the Peak Design Cuff Wrist Strap on Amazon

Spider Pro 2 Camera Holster V2

This very peculiar camera strap is a hip holster system that allows you to have a free upper body when carrying your camera and avoid neck or back pain when carrying heavy camera systems. The Spider Pro 2 Camera Holster i s very durable and allows smooth operations thanks to the lack of straps. Padded for comfort the Spider Holster allows you speed of operations even with longer lenses. I’m not a huge fun of the “gunman” style, but this is a tool used by many professionals.
Key features:
Good for active shooting situations
Very comfortable
Very secure locking system
Buy the Spider Pro 2 Camera Holster V2

Black Rapid Curve Breathe

Popular for their sling style camera straps, Black Rapid has created some very innovative camera straps. This ergonomic shoulder pad is suitable for mirrorless cameras and lighter DSLRs.
It uses the FasteneR connector locking the camera from underneath and positioning it upside down against your waist allowing for rapid use. The Black Rapid Curve Breathe is well padded and comfortable, with a curvy and flexible design, it’s more adapt for thin framed photographers. It can be used with the including Stabilizing Strap for improved stability and reliability.
Key features:
Fast and easy access
Removable breathe stabilizing strap
Nylon pouch for storage and transport
Buy the Black Rapid Curve Breathe on Amazon

Holdfast Camera Swagg

Do you shoot with two cameras? Then you need a Camera Swagg! This is not a new camera strap, but it’s probably one of the best dual camera straps available. It’s a really fashionable, despite its visible presence, very typical of Holdfast products.This product is a non-leather version of the legendary MoneyMaker. It’s made of 100% High Grade Cotton and comes with two Camera Holdfasts. Available in 4 different colors, this stylish and lightweight strap is perfect for those professional photographers that need great versatility and style at the same time.
Key features:
Holds two cameras
Made of high grade cotton
Fashionable and comfortable
See the Holdfast Camera Swagg on Amazon

DSPTCH Camera Sling

The rugged DSPTCH Camera Sling, comes in several different colors. Designed to hold mirrorless cameras and lenses and it offers two series of quick-release connectors for quickly detaching your camera from the strap. It has an adjustable length of 36” to 48” and it’s designed to be lightweight yet durable and strong. It comes with Round and Flat cord connectors for universal mounting and it has a lifetime guarantee with DSPTCH.
Key features:
Lightweight and durable
Quick release connectors
Buy the DSPTCH Camera Sling on Amazon

Peak Design Slide Lite

The Peak Design Lite has the amazing versatility of the Peak Design Slide, but in a smaller and lighter version. This thin but ultra resistant camera strap is suited for both mirrorless and small DSLRs. It can be weared as a sling, neck or shoulder strap and it’s made of the same material as the slide: Seatbelt-style nylon webbing with a gripping side to avoid accidental drops when in shoulder strap mode and smooth side to adapt top your clothings. Usual unique and innovative Peak Design connector system that provides extreme stability and reliability.
Key features:n
Very comfortable thanks to internally-padded webbing
Very versatile thanks to the quick-pull adjusters
Smaller and lighter than the Slide
Buy the Peak Design Slide Lite on Amazon

Peak Design Capture Pro

This is not a camera strap, but still worth mentioning. The Peak Design Capture Pro is a GoPro mount that works with all GoPro models as well as Contour, Sony, Garmin and popular action camera. I’ve ordered one and can’t wait to try it. It’s a quick release mount adaptable to any backpack strap or waist belt,. Really useful for when you’re hiking around or adventure photography or for situations where you need to carry a second camera without having a bigger strap hanging from your shoulder.
Key features:
Adaptable to any belt, backpack strap or waist belt
It works with all GoPros and major action cameras
Very small, it holds also heavy cameras
Buy the Peak Design Capture Pro on Amazon

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Strap

This rugged camera strap features a pretty big auxiliary pocket for extra memory cards, battery and small documents. Very well padded and anti slip gives you a nice firm padded grip. The double locking mechanism avoid the camera to bounce around when walking. The attachment base complete of a stainless steel connector goes underneath the camera on the tripod connector so to make the body of your mirrorless or DSLR to rest upside down. Rapid Fire also added a Rapid Fire safety tether to be attached to the standard side connection of your camera and with a quick clamping system gets linked to the strap itself. Not a big fan of this solution, but it improves the stability quite a lot.
Key features:
Big auxiliary pocket for extra storage
Rugged material
Rapid Fire safety tether
Buy Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Strap on Amazon

Joby Wrist Strap

Why not include a wrist strap to this list? For fearless adventures. Made of ABS plastic and nylon webbing, the Joby Wrist Strap is suited for small compact cameras, small micro four thirds, but also heavy DSLRs with pro lenses. I only read about this wrist strap, but I’d really like to try it out. According to my research, it’s very comfortable and can easy be taken to your adventures thanks also to its flexibility and easiness to adjust. As a respectable wrist strap should behave the Joby Wrist strap automatically tightens if you accidentally lose grip of your camera, so you can feel pretty comfortable with it.
Key features:
Really light but very resistant and durable
Designed to automatically tighten if camera is dropped
Built to hold the heaviest cameras
Buy the Joby Wrist Strap on Amazon

TrueSHOT Camera Strap

The USA GEAR TrueSHOT camera strap features two accessory pockets and side pouches to allow you to store extra batteries, lens caps and more. Perfect for carrying any camera, the strap connects to the camera pre-existing connectors. The quick disconnect buckles on both side allow for easy and convenient removal. Made in neoprene for a comfortable stretch system, conform to the body to help reduce fatigue. It’s available in multiple patterns for those who enjoy a more fashionable look.
Key features:
Extra storage
Neoprene stretch system
Quick disconnect buckles for easy release
Buy the TrueSHOT Camera Strap on Amazon

Cotton Carrier G3 1 Camera Harness

The Cotton Carrier G3 1 Camera Harness is made for action photographers and for when you need to hold your heavy camera system for very long hours. The aim of this harness is to take the strain off of your neck and allow you to have your hands fee without the need of controlling the camera position at every step you take when your walking or moving around and not using your camera. The twist and lock mechanism keeps the camera always ready.
Key features:
Made of top materials, built to last
Made for all cameras
Quick release belt with high speed cinch straps
Buy Cotton Carrier G3 1 Camera Harness on Amazon

Peak Design Leash

The redesigned Peak Design Leash is a very refined product compared to its predecessor. It features a really nice webbing material, very comfortable on the neck, slim anchor housings, and very robust and ultra slim dual adjusters. This super versatile strap comes in Charcoal and Ash with brown leather detail. It comes with a brand new anchor mount that allows the Leash to be attached to the bottom of your camera for extra options to attach the strap. The new Peak design anchors allow easier attaching and detaching, being thinner than the old ones, but they still provide excellent reliability even when used to hold the heaviest gear. It can be used as a neck, shoulder and sling strap thanks to its multiple configuration attachment.
Key features:
Multi attachment configuration
New Design
Holds light and heavy camera bodies
Buy the Peak Design Leash on Amazon

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Hand Strap

The really popular Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Hand Strap is very simple, comfortable and strong at a really great price. Comfortable around the wrist, it stays out of your way when taking photos. Made in neoprene and it supports medium and pro sized DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Adjustable fit for different wrist sizes and it features a versatile interchangeable quick release system for different needs and camera weights. Not compatible with eyelet openings smaller than 5mm.
Key features:
2 Alternate connectors
Adjustable length
Soft padded and strong neoprene material
Buy the Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Hand Strap on Amazon

Tarion Camera Shoulder Neck Strap

The vintage looking Tarion Camera Shoulder Neck strap is made of durable Cotton Yard and PU. This strap is made for those who want to spend very little, but still get a nice looking and functional strap.The anti-slip surface helps preventing accidental drops. The strap fits all brands of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras
Key features:
Price. One of the less expensive in this list
Vintage style
Buy the Tarion Camera Shoulder Neck Strap on Amazon

Moment Rope Neck Strap

The Moment Rope Neck Strap is the solution to carry your phone or big camera. It’s fully adjustable thanks to the leather slip knots and it can be used as a neck or cross body strap. Made with leather, it comes in different lengths and presents a quick release system that makes it really easy to use.
Key features:
American-made Horween leather
Quick release system
Fully adjustable
Buy the Moment Rope Neck Strap on Amazon

Think Tank Camera Strap V2

This camera strap is simple yet very capable of supporting mirrorless and DSLRs bodies with heavy pro lenses. The Think Tank Camera Strap V2 of the U.S. based manufacturer is an unobtrusive camera neck strap, very strong and durable. It features a grippy silicone surface on both sides to adapt to your clothing and avoid accidental drops when in shoulder mode. Available in two colors, this is a very portable strap used by many professionals.
Key features:
Non-slip silicone on both sides
Small and portable
Also attaches to Think Tank backpacks
Buy the Think Tank Camera Strap V2 on Amazon

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