How to Start a Successful Photography Blog (Best Tips)

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Photographs are a powerful tool for communication, as they help us understand situations in a way that words cannot. They can also be used as a tool for self-expression. Notably, even as we see the world through pictures, they may reveal more about the photographer’s personality, including hobbies, likes, or dislikes. 

You don’t necessarily need an art gallery or exhibition to showcase your artistic prowess. A good and effective way to do so is by starting your own photography blog. This will make your work and skills available to a global audience. 

Therefore, as a photographer, it is essential to let the world hear your voice through the pictures you take. Whether you are doing it for fun, or you are just a budding photographer looking to make a name in the industry, always go the extra mile to ensure your photos stand out. 

It is only when your pictures are displayed to the public, that you will truly understand the power of your art. The response you get will also give you invaluable insight into becoming a better photographer. 

So how can you build a successful blog? Well, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. You Need to Create Content

As you prepare to launch the blog, you need to always upload new content, regularly. This means you need to have a collection of photos right from the onset. This helps to ensure that your audience is ‘well-fed,’ and it also increases the chances of attracting and retaining followers. 

In essence, If the audience cannot count on your blog for consistent content, you will also not be able to count on them to visit your blog regularly. You therefore need to develop a content strategy that will help you keep hold of site visitors. 

2. Find Your Why

Photography is a mode of expression. Before you start a photography blog, make sure you know which message you want to put across, and what you intend to achieve. This provides a clear direction on what to share and how to manage your blog in general. 

3. Choose Your Audience

By knowing what you intend to communicate, you will be able to identify the type of audience to target. For instance, a photography blog displaying photos of adventure spots may attract a young audience. On the other hand, a blog that seeks to expose political oppression or injustice will be popular amongst an older audience. 

It is also important to do your research on your preferred niche. Essentially, you should find out how other blogs in your niche perform and the size of your potential audience. 

4. Choose Your Blogging Platform

Select a blogging platform suitable for a photography blog. This will make it easier to run your blog and provide quality content.

WordPress is highly recommendable in this regard. In fact, close to thirty percent of all websites available on the internet are powered by WordPress. The site offers numerous benefits, including: 

  • It is easy to manage and update. Anyone can manage a blog without prior Web Development or Design experience.
  • Very affordable. Let’s say almost free. You have the option of choosing your preferred free theme and you can build and customize your blog
  • Some plugins allow you to add more features. You can set up a shop to put your photos up for sale

Moreover, WordPress has a range of features that make managing the blog easy. This gives you ample time to focus on other activities, such as photo taking. 

5. Decide Your Topics

If your blog becomes monotonous and predictable, your audience will gradually reduce. The key to getting a constant flow of content and offering variety is by preparing early. 

Choose the topics you will address in the coming days or months, and only post content that will provide valuable information to your audience. An excellent way to go through this is by having a 30-day program, with each day dedicated to a specific topic or theme. This will allow you to schedule content in a manner that will keep your audience eager to see what’s coming next.

6. Use Social Media to Promote your blog

There are over 2 billion active social media users in the world. This makes social media one of the best marketing channels. With a good social media marketing strategy, you will be able to build a loyal following, and possibly monetize your blog.

Importantly, the pages that you create should reflect the nature and objective of your blog. Thereafter, link the social media pages to your blog and share every blog post on social media. With time, your page will gain more exposure as your audience likes, shares, and comments on your photographs. 

7. Be Consistent

When it comes to growing and retaining an online audience, consistency is vital. As mentioned earlier, you need to be consistent in the quality of content you post and the regularity in which you do so. If you take too long before adding content, your audience will get bored.

8. Add Value

Having a niche and a target audience in mind is not enough to guarantee a following for your blog. Go above and beyond to find out what your audience expects from you. Also, identify fun topics to introduce to your audience.

Do not settle for the regular content available on every photography blog. Do extensive research and identify places or stories that they are not aware of. Let them find something new and unexpected every time they visit your blog. 

Most importantly, your posts should be evergreen, and you can spice them up by including exciting captions. This ensures that your audience will always be referring back to your old posts. 


So what’s the trick? The life of a photographer is exciting, and can also be very rewarding and fulfilling. By starting a photography blog, you will be able to reach a global audience and possibly monetize your creative work. 

However, to get the most out of your blog, you need to invest adequate time and resources, to ensure that your site remains active. 

Good luck!

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