Monthly photography challenge April 2020

Monthly Photography Challenge – April

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Our monthly challenge is open.

Last week I launched a photography challenge we can do while we’re all stuck at home, you can find it here.

While I started receiving your photos via email and via the Facebook group, I’ve decided to extend it and make it a monthly challenge for the month of April.

Monthly Photography Challenge April 2020

This way more people can participate and I’ll have more time to review your photos and help you out if you need it.

Use this challenge to learn and experiment with new techniques but first of all to have fun. Remember this challenge is for photographers of all levels, it doesn’t matter if you don’t own a professional camera.

And if you’re wondering what I think it’s a good camera for you if you’re just starting with photography you should read my article: Best camera for beginners.

Monthly Tasks

As announced in my post last week these are the assignments for this month:

  • Moments of your day
  • Food photography composition
  • Create a bokeh background

You can definitely do them all but to enter it’s enough to pick one task. During the month you can also send me more than one photo per assignment and feel free to ask me questions if you’re struggling with anything related to photography.

Here you can find some super helpful content that you can use to get through these tasks:

Share in the Pixinfocus Facebook Group

Share your photos in the new Pixinfocus Facebook group or send them via email at “team [at]”.

Or you can simply upload your images to your favorite photo-sharing website and leave a comment below with the link.

Don’t forget to add your name and if you have a link to a social media account or website you’d like to feature you can include it too. I’ll review your photos personally and feature your content here.

Make sure to share this post to help other people know about this challenge too!

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