Why Relationships are Important in Photography

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Capturing and conveying a relationship in your photos adds value to the narrative and bring emotions to your work.

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Think About the Effect You Want

No matter what kind of photographer you are, building and showing a relationship in your photographs is something that will catch the eye of the observes and it will be stuck with them for a long time, having a great impact. Relationships between subjects have great power on the public and it can be built in a few easy steps if you know exactly what you want.

Relation Photography: Observe for Hidden Moments

When thinking about capturing and building a relationship in photography, you have to start with thinking about what kind of relationship you want to capture. There are connections you can capture between two or more people, between people and their animals, and there are even some subtle relationships you won’t notice immediately such as the connection between a person and their favorite object or between a person and their consciousness. The best way to capture a moment of connection is while observing and “stealing” their hidden moments – moments when people totally unaware share parts of themselves. To be able to do that, you need to be nice to people, listen to their wishes, but don’t forget to stick with your personal beliefs and your policies. Your kindness will bring out the best of them and that will be seen and appreciated in your photos. If you stumble on a bit hostile client, remain calm and nice, do your work and learn from that experience.

Find Relation Photography in Hidden Locations

Relationships can sometimes be in the places you least expect them – hidden in nature, forests, or meadows. People, animals, and their possessions are not the only things that can build a relationship on a photograph. When you want to photograph a relationship at some location think about the one that has been created between the foreground and its backdrop. Think about the relationship between reflection and shadows, light and shadow, or think about things that intervene. Nature has some great examples of unbreakable relationships – coast and a sea, moss and a tree.

Find it in the Animal World

Photographing animals can be a bit demanding and you’ll need to have patience, but when you capture a good photo you’ll realize that it was all worth it. Seek for the relationship between two animals or between animals and the nature around it. It can be seen in the contrast of colors – dark dog and bright background and the other way around. Relationships in the animal kingdom can show us some everyday processes that we don’t even notice anymore – a dark ant od the bright concrete, caring a piece of food, or a bee in a colorful flower, doing its daily tasks.

Make connections and build a relationship between colors as well. For example, imagine a grey cat near the grass with green eyes. Relationships on a photograph can be built almost everywhere if we seek for the details.

Relationship With the Camera

When you’re photographing people, help them connect to the camera and create a relationship with it. They can even take the camera to photograph themselves for a moment which will help them relax and create that connection that you’re seeking. This can make your job a bit easier. And if you’re wondering how to build a relationship between people and your camera, it’s simple – you’ll do it if you make them look straight into the camera, whatever they’re doing – sitting or even if they are on the move. That deep look into the camera will create a great moment between them and the lens.

Be Aware of Your Important Role

If you’re just starting, it may seem a bit too much work to take just a few photos. However, you have to be aware of your importance in someone’s life – you’re capturing the moment of their lives and connections they have made which will be preserved forever, thanks to you and your camera. You’re not just building a relationship to have a better photo, you’re capturing a small, yet important part of someone’s life. Before you start taking pictures, think about the emotion you want to capture, about things you want other people to see and do your best to transfer that to a photograph.

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