Types Of Cameras

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What are the different types of cameras?

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List of Types Of Cameras

Compact Digital Cameras

These types of cameras are also known as point-and-shoot cameras and are very easy to use. Anyone can click amazing pictures using these compact cameras. As the name suggests, they are small, lightweight and don’t require external lense or films. Although you will not get the freedom to manually adjust the settings as they are fully automatic cameras, you can click well exposed and high-quality pictures with great ease.

Compact cameras are very handy and also durable, they can last longer than your imagination. They are perfect for photography lovers who want to click high-resolution pictures no matter where they go.

Digital SLR Cameras

Digital SLRs or simply DSLRs are the hottest cameras. They deliver incredible picture quality and take the photography to the next level.

You can click sharp and stunning images, bokeh backgrounds, and high-quality video through their wide range of lenses and advanced sensors.

These types of cameras are the first choice of professional photographers in the world. Further, Nikon and Canon are the most popular brands that offer DSLR cameras. They are commercially used to capture HD images for magazines, posters and billboards. They even allow you to record 1080p Full HD videos for movies and shows.

DSLR cameras come in two types

Full-frame DSLR (35mm) and Crop sensor (APS-C)

Full-frame DSLR cameras usually comprises of a 36x24mm sensor that captures better images when compared to a crop sensor.

Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless Cameras are lighter version of the DSLRs but without the internal reflecting mirror which reflects light on the sensor. They can yield beautiful, high-resolution pictures and Full HD videos that can only be produced by the high-end DSLRs.

You can say that mirrorless cameras are a combination of compact cameras and DSLRs.

Mirrorless cameras also come in two different types: Full-frame and Crop Sensors

Types Of Cameras: Action Cameras

Action Cameras have gained a huge fan base over the last few years. The reason is visible to all, the exceptional versatility they provide to generate high-resolution output. Popular action cameras have taken photography to the next level. They are perfect for the hobbyist who loves clicking artistic photos and film high-quality videos.

They come along a wide range of accessories such as waterproof housing that makes it possible to take pictures or record videos inside the water. They also offer mounts with which you can attach them to helmets, bikes, drones etc to achieve hand’s free photoshoot. These are perfect for the adventure photo shooting.

Basically, action cameras give you the freedom to develop excellent pictures and videos from any corner of the earth, be it underwater or at the top of hills.

Types Of Cameras: 360 Cameras

As the name suggests, a 360camera can take semicircular to full-circle or panoramic pictures as well as videos with the help of its serial lenses. Similar to the action cameras, they can be mounted on surfaces like drones, helmets or even top of cars and trucks. They capture visually pleasing panoramic views without any fuss.

In essence, 360Cameras offer Google’s street view styles like photos and videos.

These cameras are perfect to click Instagram worthy pictures on your vacations.

However, capturing a picture with a 360camera is no less than an art. It requires a bit of hard work to click an image with proper composition. But the efforts are totally worth the exceptional photos it yields.

Film Cameras

Don’t confuse today’s film cameras with the traditional ones. They might be less popular but deliver great artistic pictures.

Modern film cameras offer a standard 35mm frame and come along with improved bodies and working ability.

You can produce artistic photos in various styles such as vintage pictures or Instagram-style with just a click of the shutter.

Types Of Cameras: Medium Format Cameras

Medium format cameras offer a larger surface frame that is about 4x bigger than the regular 35mm format. They yield larger prints without compromising with the overall picture quality. They are widely used by professional photographers as they produce wide-angle shots that look very natural.

Although these types of cameras require some efforts to click the desired pictures, they are irreplaceable due to their ability to yield sharp, natural, and aesthetic pictures that look great in magazines and art galleries.

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