Underwater Fishing Camera

Underwater Fishing Camera

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A great underwater fishing camera is a fantastic device to bring with you when you go fishing.

You can capture the spectacular underwater world and share it with your friends and family, but it’s also a useful tool to inspect the area you are fishing in.

Underwater Fishing Camera

In this blog you’ll see our Top 10 best underwater fishing cameras and you’ll learn the main characteristics of each one of them.

Let’s begin.

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Underwater Fishing Camera: Comparison Table

Underwater Fishing Camera Characteristics


You want a device that’s easy to carry around without risking damage, loss, or exhaustion. Hence, try looking for cameras that come with carry bags or storage units. 

Camera Resolution 

If you plan on using the camera to capture memorable photos of the underwater environment, as opposed to just using it as a fishing guide, you need to pay more attention to its megapixel rating. Depending on the type of waters you fish in, you may also need LED flashlights and HD displays for more clarity. 

Cable Length 

Different cameras come with cables of varying lengths, so remember to check if the camera you like has a long enough cable to reach the depths at which you like to fish/photograph. Also, check the durability and strength of the cables (for the longer cables) to ensure they can withstand the pressure and resistance that occurs at deeper water levels. 

Battery Life

Battery life is another key factor to look into when buying a fishing camera. You ideally want a device with a battery that can last you about 6 or more hours, or however long you plan to stay underwater. Of course, longer battery life means a higher price tag so also consider that. 

Underwater Fishing Camera List

Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Video Camera with Carry Case

Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder Waterproof Underwater 1000TVL Fishing Camera 15m Cable 12pcs IR Infrared LED for Ice,Lake and Boat Fishing
  • Color CCD, HD 600TV camera 
  • 4500mAh Lithium rechargeable battery with 10 hours+ lifespan
  • Comes with strong aluminum case with carry latch 
  • 6 adjustable LED lights 
  • 7-inch full-color monitor 
  • Heavy-duty 15m cable
  • Weighs 3.55 pounds

Lucky Underwater Fishing Camera Viewing System

LUCKY Underwater Fishing Camera Viewing System - Capture The Live Underwater Fishing Experience
  • 4.3-inch full-color monitor
  • Video resolution: 300,000 pixels 
  • 4 infrared LED lights attached to camera 
  • 4 hours battery life
  • 120 degrees view
  • Built-in night lights 
  • Heavy-duty 20m tether cables

Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera

Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera with a 1/3 Inch, 7' TFT LCD, Sony CCD 800TVL HD - Underwater Video Camera Fish Finder with 360 Degree View with 20M Cable
  • Integrated with a Sony CCD 800TVL video camera (HD) with a 360-degree field of view
  • Camera linked with 16 powerful white LED lights
  • 10 hours battery life (continuous usage) 
  • 20m cable
  • Strong and durable metal + ABS plastic body construction 
  • Weighs 10.18 pounds

Aqua-Vu AV715c Underwater Camera 7-Inch Color LCD Screen

200-7236 Aqua-Vu AV 715C Underwater Viewing System with Color Video Camera & 7' LCD Monitor
  • Full-color 12-inch LCD monitor
  • In-built sun shield for monitor
  • Rechargeable 12v, 7.2ah battery with charger included
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • 50 ft weatherproof and waterproof tether cable
  • Comes with 5-gallon bucket for storag

Olymbros D1 Underwater Fishing Camera

Olymbros Fishing Camera Underwater Portable Professional Waterproof Underwater HD Video Recorder Fish Finder/Rechargeable Battery/Cycle Recording/Support TF Card for Ice, Lake, and Boat Fishing
  • HD video camera resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) 
  • Night recording available 
  • 1360mA polymer rechargeable battery with 4 hours lifespan 
  • Weighs 88g
  • In-built LED light provides illumination without scaring fish
  • 32GB microSD card (expandable) 
  • Can fit in a pocket 

Marcum RC5P Recon 5 Plus Underwater Camera Viewing System

Marcum Recon 5 Underwater Camera Viewing System
  • 50 ft cable that can withstand all underwater pressure, pulls and turns
  • 32GB storage capacity 
  • 5-inch LCD wide-screen display
  • Infrared lighting available 
  • Offers a 90-degree field of view
  • Weighs 2.4 pounds

Spydro Underwater Fishing Camera

Spydro Underwater Fishing Camera (32GB) with Premium Box Accessory Kit and Phone app, Smart HD Video cam, Night Vision, 450 Foot Depth Underwater, bite Triggered Auto Recorder for Kayak, Lure trolling
  • Video capability: HD 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps
  • Built-in night vision
  • Ultra-lightweight body – 90g weight 
  • Battery life: 3.5 hours
  • 150m maximum depth 
  • 32GB built-in SD card 
  • Sypdro App connectivity enabled

Innobay Professional Underwater Fishing Video Camera

innobay Professional Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Camera 7' Color LCD Hd Monitor 1000tvl 30M Cable Length, Fun to See Fish Biting
  • 1000 TVL full HD camera
  • 30m (98 ft) waterproof and pull-resistant tether cable
  • Full color, 7-inch TFT monitor 
  • 7 hours battery life
  • Camera powered with 12 LED lights 
  • Sturdy aluminum carry case included

MAOTEWANG 50M 1/3 Inch Sony CCD Underwater Fishing Camera

MAOTEWANG 50M 1/3 Inch Sony CCD Underwater Fishing Camera - 360 Degree View, Remote Control, 7 Inch LCD Monitor, 14x White Lights
  • Sony CCD 700TVL HD video camera provides a 360-degree field of view 
  • 50m waterproof and pull-resistant extension cables
  • 8 hours battery life
  • 7-inch TFT full color display
  • 14 white LED lights 

PowerVision PowerRay Wizard Underwater Fishing Drone

PowerVision PRW10 Powerray Wizard Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera, Fish Finder & VR Goggles for Diving and Boating, White
  • 4K UHD video camera
  • 12MP images
  • 64GB SD card capability
  • 230ft tether cable
  • Magnetic baitdrop functionality for easier targeting
  • Comes with carry case
  • VR Lenses
  • Internal fish finder sonar

In Summary

Whether you want to increase your chances of getting good catches, or just want to experience the maritime world in full HD, getting an underwater fishing camera is undoubtedly an unmissable opportunity. With all the information above, we trust that you are now in a much better position to make a good buy. 

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