Tomaree Loockout | Why is photography important?

Why is Photography Important

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Do you want to know why is photography important in everyday life?

I started taking photography more seriously a little over two years ago and my life as changed ever since.

Photography is important because it allows people to see the world from different point of views and to admire the most different scenarios and situations captured in a frozen moment.
Photography is so powerful that it allows you to bring experiences to others in the form of images and it enables the diffusion of information of things as they really are.

What is Photogarphy?

Tomaree Loockout | Why is photography important?

Photography is vision. Photography is art. Photography is imagination. Photography is observation. Photography is exploring the world and day to day to life with a camera.

Wether you are a professional or an amateur, if you’ve picked up a camera in your hands for the first time or if you are just shooting with your smartphone, you are probably feeling the same way as I do when taking a picture.

Photography is a powerful tool to tell a story, to share a moment, to spread information. Photography is a creative process and a way to express your idea through images and convey emotions to the viewer.

A single blog article is not enough to tell what photography is, probably not even a book.

All I can say is that when you take a picture you are performing a powerful action. You are freezing time. You are enabling someone else to enjoy that moment in all the details and you are enabling that moment to be forever.

How Has Photography Changed in Recent Years

Evolutions in technology and the spread of fast Internet connections are to me the main factors that changed photography in recent years. Information, day to day life and art are expressed through digital images through the Internet with the simplicity of a click.

It’s easier today than never before to learn how to take photos thanks to online tutorials, dedicated websites like this one and YouTube. You can learn with your phone from anywhere and anytime. You can even use your phone as a camera.

Digital cameras have become smaller and more accessible to everyone. Internet platforms such as Instagram, 500px, Flickr and many others, made it possible for photographer to have a window to the world and share their work so easily that today, everyone for bad or good can be a photographer. There are no barriers. No restrictions.

Photography is Art

Photography is Art | Why Photography is Important?

Photography is important because it’s a form of art.

Like painting, with photography you can create an image and add your interpretation to it. You can paint with light, you can use softwares to edit and add your touch to images.

Playing with light and shadows, colors and contrasts, composing images through elements of visual art and harnessing the power of science and digital devices to deliver a representation of the world as YOU, the photographer see it.

Photography as Medium of Information

News are told through words and photographs. Images are used by journalists to deliver information and document events creating pictures that not only spread material of public interest, but are also pleasant to look at and entertaining.

Photography Is a Healthy Hobby

Roys Peak NZ | Why photography is important

You can start photography at any age. It’s fun, you are not pressured or challenged by anyone. Photography makes you explore the world around you and gives you an excuse to go out, to travel more, to learn and experiment.

Photography is important because it helps you stay present in the moment and find inspiration to experience locations and moments from different perspectives.

What is Photography to Me

What is photography to me | Why photography is important

To me photography is important, because it gives me motivation to share meaningful moments and it gives me the opportunity to challenge myself and learn always new techniques.

Thanks to photography I was able to travel more, stay in nature, meet new people, spend more time with my family and stay healthy. It brought me joy and made me a better person. More aware and respectful of the environment and the world around me.

Thanks to photography I was able to create this website, share with the world the knowledge I gained and connect with like minded people and learn from them while establishing meaningful relationships.

What I Hope I Can Achieve

30mm, 1/30sec, F8, ISO400

I hope that with photography I can inspire and motivate people to become explorers of the world, to live everyday to the fullest and share meaningful stories with everyone.

I hope that I can grow this website to the point where millions of people can learn for free and stay motivated in their journey as photographers.

What is Photography To You?

Wanaka Tree in New Zealand

Now it’s your turn. What is photography to you? I want to hear what motivates you and what inspires you. What do you like about photography and what would you like to learn in the future. Let’s talk. Write your thoughts in the comments section below!

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